Sunday, 13 July 2014

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 I'm so pleased to have Alfie and Eren's story ready for people to enjoy, so below is a little sample from one of the chapters, with buy links at the very end. I really hope you like my story,


I wake to the sound of a strange rustling from across the room and force my lazy eyes open, but my reluctant body wants nothing more than to remain asleep. My vision stays blurry as I try to focus on my surroundings. The scene is a mass of distorted images, they seem different somehow to what I’m used to. Even the mattress I’m lying on feels softer, the linen sheets are freshly scented, like they came out of the washing machine the previous night and not days ago.
The distorted shapes aren’t the only things which seem strange. My head feels noticeably refreshed, without the usual stress hiding in the back of my mind. My body’s rested, a situation which is long forgotten, the normal aches and pains from tossing and turning all night long have disappeared.
I’m renewed.
I slept! I never sleep! I’m jubilant, and then remnants of a dream come flooding back.
His eyes.
His smiling face.
The way he touched my body.
My unconscious self expects to be plagued with the familiar darkness, but instead I remember the warm feelings you get from a sunny day, blinding light shining over everything, making it seem more magnificent. All this happened in dream, but why? What’s changed?
The stranger I’d met when out with Toby featured in every second of my dreams, as if he had a starring role in a movie and my head was the camera recording every scene. The boy who called himself Eren held me close to him, warm breath skating across my cheek whenever he spoke. In my dream he ghosted a tender touch on my skin, as he laid me onto long grass in a meadow blessed with a crystal clear, blue sky. He told me he liked me, and my heart played songs of love and adoration when he ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my lips.

His kiss.

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Flavours Of Our Life - Cover Reveal

I'm very excited to be sharing this with you all, and lost for words when it comes to thanking the amazing J.C. Clarke for all her hard work on this project.

Flavours Of Our Life


A chance encounter.
An accidental theft.
An unexpected change in weather.
Alfie is shy and timid after a lifetime spent caring for his ailing mother. When she goes to stay with his aunt, he has the chance to start really living for the first time in years. He meets Eren, a man who believes the only place to find love is in the bedroom.
These two men couldn’t be more different, and yet they are drawn together by fate. Eren is attacked, and in the aftermath, the two are able to find unexpected common ground. Is it enough to bring them together?
Can the different flavours of life lead to love?